At Plants the Jewellers, we are proud to offer a beautiful secondhand department where we sell on a commission basis. The item is taken in and assessed for secondhand sale by our on site registered valuer. A fair secondhand price is calculated based on current open market values and will also depend on the items condition and age. We reserve the right to refuse secondhand items if they are not fit for sale. Once the item has been given a secondhand sale price, we advise you of that price and once approved, the item can be put up for sale. We do not charge to assess the item however we do take a commission if the item is sold, if sold we take a 33% commission plus VAT(20%). We keep items for sale for 6 months, if not sold we will advise you to either reduce the price of your item or collect the item.

Please call for further details on 01785 819981 or email

Secondhand stock is available to view in store. Please note that we do not buy over the counter or accept secondhand watches.