Bespoke Design

Bringing the Jewellery Quarter to your door.



At Plants the Jewellers we’re always delighted to work with customers wanting to have a hand in the design of their own jewellery. Bespoke design give us the privilege of capturing unique and personal stories and creating one off designs that reflect the personalities of our customers their important life events connected to their new jewellery, whether it be an engagement, wedding, anniversary or birthday. We can use your own diamonds and gemstones to modernize an older piece or create something brand new.


Are staff are highly trained and passionate in their fields. We have two trained goldsmiths and two gemologists onsite who can provide all the knowledge and expertise you need to create your perfect piece of jewellery.

We are with you all the way through the process, starting out with a consultation to discuss your idea, we do some rough sketches to give you variety of ideas. We can then do finalised drawings, or go into a Computer aided design process for more complex designs. See the images below for some examples