Sell with Us

Are you looking to sell an item of jewellery? Here at Plants the Jewellers we sell your jewellery for you and here's all the info you need to know:

  • We sell on a commission basis. We don't offer cash upfront unless its a Cash for Gold sale (see our cash for gold page under services) 
  • Our commission currently is 33% plus VAT (The VAT is only chargeable on our commission) E.G. If you ring sold for £100 our commission would be £34.20. 
  • You can keep you jewellery with us as long as you like. 
  • If someone makes an offer on your item we will call you before accepting it or selling your item. We may ask you when listing if you are happy for us to accept within 10% of its purchase price, you can say no if you would rather we call you. 

The Process

  1. We take your item in for appraisal. This is FREE of charge. 
  2. Once we have done that we call you with the break down of what your item would be sold for and what you would receive after we take the commission off. 
  3. If you are happy with the numbers we book the item in and put it out for sale. If your not happy you can come and collect your item. 
  4. If your item sells for its full selling price, you will get a call saying you have a cheque waiting for you. We can also arrange bank transfers if that is preferable. 
  5. If you receive an offer we call you and can negotiate with the potencial customer of your behalf.
  6. If your item is still with us you can keep it here, take it home, reduce the price, or change it to cash for gold. 

All prices a evaluated on the price of gold when they are appraised. The gold price changes on a day to day basis.