Jewellery and Watch Repairs

We always want you be able to wear your jewellery and of course sometimes accidents happen but we are here for you when they do! Many of our repairs happen here in our onsite workshop but others have to be sent away. We use extremely reliable workshops that we have been using for many years and trust. If your repair has to be sent away it either collected and delivered back by the goldsmith himself or sent by special delivery and is fully insured for its travels and is trackable by us at all times.   


On-Site Repairs

  • Free of charge estimates  
  • Chain/Bracelet repairs  
  • Clasp replacements  
  • Ring re-sizing (subject to examination)  
  • Rhodium plating and Gold plating  
  • Some bespoke creations

Off Site Repairs

  • Platinum ring sizing  
  • Stone setting  
  • Re-tipping of claws  
  • Extensive restoration work  
  • Restoration and re modelling of antiques  
  • Hand and machine engraving – this can take up to 2-3 weeks for completion, we can recommend either Staffordshire Cobblers in Stone 01785818940 or Longton Trophy Centre 01782332382 if you need you need your item quicker.

Cleaning and Rhodium Plating

All Jewellery at times needs a clean! you can do this at home or bring it in to see us for a bit of extra sparkling. 

Things that can really effect the look of your jewellery, can be simple things like soap, hand sanitiser, perfume, and body creams. they get stuck behind the stones and dull that sparkle! 
Jewellery can also tarnish, Silver jewellery can turn black and dull, or almost a gold colour. Gold jewellery can start to look brassy and dull. No jewellery is beyond a good polish! 

Should I Clean my Jewellery at Home?

You absolutly can! We sell various Dips, clothes, dazzel pens, and wipes and are more than happy to talk you through how to use them. 

Always ready the instructions on the tub, never leave jewellery in dips, its a litteral dip and rinse. leaving it in the Dip can take the polish off and its might appear corroded and white. But It can be rectified with a full polish from our goldsmith.

Cleaning by a Jeweller

If you choose you would like a bit extra, we are happy to oblige! 

Clean only (no polishing) £5
Polish and Clean Gold and Silver £10
Polish and Clean Platinum £30

Rhodium Plating

How do know if you ring needs re plating and what is Rhodium plating? 

All gold is naturally yellow, to create white gold white metal alloys such as silver and Rhodium are added in the melting pot to make it whiter. But its never truly white it has a yellowy tinge particulary in 9ct, 18ct can be very grey in colour. 
When you buy white gold jewelly it has a Rhodium plating on top of the gold to give an ultra white finish. Rhodium is a white metal that is to soft to be made into jewellery but suitable for plating. 

Any jewellery can be rhodium plated. It starts with being checked for any loose stones or claws. 

It's then fully polished, 
It enters a electo bath which removes any grease or finger prints, 
it then goes into the electroplating bath for rhodium. 
A quck check and its done! 

Price: £45 Per Ring, larger items are subject to quotation. 

Watch Batteries and Straps

On site watch battery replacements, done whilst you wait or whilst you do local shopping. NO Water resistancy Gauranteed. £8.50

Waterproof Watches

for any waterproof or resistant watches we reccomend a preasure test this is done off site by a local watch and lock repairers off site.  £28

This a Wednesday-Wednesday service Tuesday evening being the cut of for watches that week. 


We hold a selection of leather weatch straps, and metal bracelets. 

Prices start at £15

We remove links from watch bracelets on site. £10

Watch Servicing and Repairs

Your watch from time to time may need a little TLC. It may be you;ve has a new battery and its still not working or keeping time, in which case we may reccommend a service or sending it for an estimate to be repaired. 

All watches have moving parts, oils and gears which need maintaining or replacing much like the parts on a car! The more expensive or high calibur watch the more parts to be maintained!  

Free Estimates

Esitmates are FREE, your watch may only need a minor adjustment in which case can send it away for a free esitmate, a price is then quoted and you can choose wether or not to procced. 

Small Repairs

Small Repairs such as batton replacments, hand adjusments, and date box replacments are approximately £15


Servicing can either be done by a our local workshop or sent back to the watch manufacturer. Many people prefer to send Rolex and Omega watches back to them for service to maintain any gaurantee which the company. At the other end of the scale some watch manufactures do not services watches but offer a discount of replacements IE. Lorus. 

Services prices vary from brand to brand but usually start around £60 and can take between 1-6 weeks. 

Any other Questions? 

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