CLIQ - The secret to the perfect fit

You deserve a ring that fits.

Rings are typically sized for the largest part of your finger, rather than the base, where it is actually worn. Unfortunately, that means traditional rings quite often fit poorly. CLIQ® technology eliminates the problem by opening and closing around the base of your finger, in the perfect position.

Fingers, like the people they’re attached to, come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to basic anatomy, hands and fingers that suffer from arthritis, athletic lifestyles, injury, medical conditions, or size fluctuations can all contribute to the discomfort felt when wearing a traditional ring. If you find that your ring twists, turns, slips or is difficult to take off and on, it’s time for a custom fit.

CLIQ®’s hinge and latch design is virtually invisible and snag-free – an exquisite combination of micro-engineering and a jeweler’s design artistry. CLIQ® adds the ability to open and close but won’t sacrifice the smooth look and feel of precious metal and will blend seamlessly into any design. Durable enough for everyday use, CLIQ® comes with a five-year guarantee.

No matter the age, style, or design, the team at Plants the Jewellers can integrate CLIQ®’s patented hinge and latch system into virtually any ring shank. Our highly skilled team brings generations of expertise to each, and every, piece of jewelry they touch. The beauty of your original ring will remain – what you’ll gain is the perfect fit.

Any Ring. Any Style. A Perfect Fit. Every time.