Ear Piercing


Please Call 01785 819981 or email grace@plantsthejewellers.co.uk to book your appointment.  Please see guidelines below:

  • Appointment Only
  • Person to be pierced and accompanying adult or one other only.
  • Please tie hair back with no loose strands around face and ears before coming to your appointment.
  • Please wear a face mask to your appointment in line with government guidelines. 
  • We will wear a face mask, visor and gloves for your appointment
  • All piecing equipment will be sterilised between customers
  • The piecing earrings come in pre-sterilised cartridges which are directly put onto the gun just before piercing.
  • The shop will remain open whilst you have your appointment as we are allowed two households in at any one time. If you want a private appointment IE. the shop to be closed please make us aware of this. 

Here at Plants we’ve been piercing ears for around 15 years and we currently have 2 fully trained staff.  We use the blomdahl piercing system which uses medically safe, skin friendly earrings in either medical plastic or Titanium and we use a piercing gun.

The earrings come in sterile cassette packaging which is loaded directly onto the gun and the ears are fully cleaned before the piecing takes place to avoid any bacteria contamination. We talk you through all the aftercare during your appointment and are happy to answer any other questions.

  • Prices: plastic £30.00 or titanium £35.00
  • Age 8 and over only
  • We only pierce the lobe, no cartilage
  • 6 weeks healing process after piercing
  • Optional earring removal at the end of the 6 week period
  • After the end of the 6 week period we recommend sticking with either plastic, titanium, silver or gold earrings and to avoid costume earrings for a minimum of 12 months.

– Please call to make an appointment on 01785 819981, or email grace@plantsthejewellers.co.uk

– Prices include earrings and full aftercare.