November Chrysanthemum Birth Flower Necklace

November Chrysanthemum Birth Flower Necklace

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A native to Asia with a history that dates back to 15th century B.C., chrysanthemum symbolism often originates from its original birthplace.

In Japan, there’s even a “Festival of Happiness” to celebrate this flower each year.

  • Both the Chinese and Japanese consider chrysanthemums a powerful emblem of youth. The Chinese also believe that it prevents gray hair. 
  • A symbol of the sun, the Japanese consider the orderly unfolding of the chrysanthemum’s petals to represent perfection.
  • Confucius once suggested chrysanthemums be used as an object of meditation.
  • It’s said that a single petal placed in the bottom of a glass of wine enhances longevity.


  • A red chrysanthemum means “I love you.”
  • A white chrysanthemum means innocence, purity, and pure love. 
  • A yellow chrysanthemum means slighted love. 


  • Sterling Silver
  • 18" Silver Diamond cut trace chain